RACE 2023
The 2023

Ocean Globe Race

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first ever Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race in 1973, the Ocean Globe Race is taking circumnavigation racing back to the ordinary sailor. Over the years, round the world sailing has been overtaken by professional sailors and million-pound boats but 1973 was a time when budget played a small part, technology was minimal and humans dared to achieve. Adventurous sailors made all the decisions and the simple fleet was evenly matched. There was no such thing as GPS, mobile phones or even digital music. For the OGR we’ll be going back to navigating by the stars using paper charts & sextants, HF Radio weather fax & satellite phone for race control contact only and music on tape!

The route

Starting in Southampton in September 2023, the OGR is a 27,000-mile sprint around the Globe spread across four legs taking in the Southern Ocean and the three Great Capes. The start/finish port is yet to be announced but stopovers are Cape Town in South Africa, Auckland in New Zealand and Punta del Este in Uruguay before finishing back in Europe in April 2024.

1st Leg: Start Sunday 10th SEPT 2023… 6,650 miles… boats finish 9th to 21st OCT ‘23

2nd Leg: Start Sunday 5th NOV ‘23 … 6,650 miles… first boats finish 14th to 23rd DEC ‘23

3rd Leg: Start Sunday 14th JAN ‘24 … 8,370 miles… first boats finish 9th to 18th FEB ‘24

4th Leg: Start Tuesday 5th MAR ‘24 … 5,430 miles …Finish 1st to 10th APR ’24

The Race is on!

Adventure Class

The boat

Spirit of Adelaide will compete in the Adventure Class.

The yacht is a Baltic 55 called OUTLAW originally built for the 1985/86 Whitbread RTW Race, she competed under the name EQUITY AND LAW”. Built in Finland back in 1984 to an Douglas Peterson design and Lloyds of London specifications. “Outlaw is in a remarkable condition considering her age and we feel confident in her ability to carry us safely around the world”








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