Ocean Globe Race 2023 Crew Application

Welcome to our crew selection process, to sail with us around the world.  Let’s begin with the backstory of our project.

The Spirit of Adelaide team is led by Campbell Mackie who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. By happenstance that’s where Don McIntyre, the OGR founder and chairman, hails from. A chance meeting with Don in August 2020 at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron began this journey to the start line.

In the meantime, Campbell has been joined by 9 other adventurers who have committed to the project and the full circumnavigation and we have two crew committed to a leg each, legs 2 and 3.  A boat has been purchased – a Baltic 55 presently named Outlaw, formerly Equity & Law, she competed in the 4th edition of the Whitbread in 1985/86 and came 2nd in her class. So, we have a competitive vessel with a proud Whitbread heritage, and we are now confirmed as one of the eight entries in Adventure Class.

Our team is founded on Corinthian principles in pursuit of the rewards of ocean sailing. The five founding partners provided the critical mass to proceed with the entry and the purchase of a vessel. Since then we have become a team of twelve sailors, with a planned complement of eleven for each leg, ten will be committed to circumnavigating and another will join for individual legs. To complete the line-up we are seeking three likeminded sailors who have the personal qualities and commitment to complement our esprit de corps and join as First Mate for the full circumnavigation, one crew member for leg 1, the start line in Europe to Cape Town and another crew member for leg 4, Punta Del Este to the finish line.

To learn more about us as individuals, please go to   Now you’ve met us, perhaps you could attach a photo of you, preferably whilst sailing and without sunglasses (not always easy!)

The project is now well established, and Outlaw’s refit is nearing completion in Albany NY.  She will cross the Atlantic to the UK in May. The team of sailors and co-owners are self-funding a US$1,000,000 budget. Recruits for the remaining berths will be asked to join this “owner’s collective” and complete the project funding. At race completion Outlaw will be sold and all surplus funds distributed to the owners.

Completing this application does not guarantee you a spot onboard but it might just get you to the interview process for potential crewmembers.  If accepted, a series of pre-requisite courses and minimum mileage on the boat will be necessary to meet race requirements.  Our priority is to appoint people committed to the complete circumnavigation. However, we will consider leggers with exceptional capabilities and qualities.

The more detail you can provide here the better, please do be open and honest! If your submission meets our requirements, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at


Thank you for your interest in joining the Spirit of Adelaide Team!

    Please provide your personal details

    What do you do for your day job?

    Would your family & friends describe you as a sailor?

    How resilient do you think you are?

    • Commitment

    • Determination

    • Teamwork

    • Accountability

    • Humour

    • Endurance

    • Tolerance

    • Calm under pressure

    Health & Medical

    We need to know about any medical conditions and medication that will have to be managed whilst you are at sea. This is about awareness and preparation in order that the medical officer on board is properly briefed. Most situations can be managed through prior knowledge and good planning.

    For example, do you take any prescription medications? Do you have any chronic illnesses? Have you ever had major surgery we should know about? Have you ever had psychiatric treatment or struggle with mental health? Simple things like knowing you are colour blind or suffer from deafness are important to know but easy to manage. Do you suffer from seasickness? If so, for how long generally?

    We acknowledge that there are privacy issues when dealing with this topic, but you should be aware that under the OGR regulations you will be required to submit to a medical examination. The sooner we know the issues, the earlier we can devise mitigation and management strategies with you.

    Current Fitness Level

    Physical fitness and endurance are an important attribute. You don’t have to be a triathlete, but core body strength and good balance is important. Tell us about your fitness programme or plans and any limitations you think we should know about. For example, are you confident working at heights?

    Tell us a bit about yourself?

    We are interested to learn about you as a person and how you would integrate into the small crew of a racing yacht. Within this context you might like to ponder the following questions.

    What things come to you easily?

    What are you particularly good at?

    What situations or tasks do you find challenging?

    Select three words that best describe your personality?

    Don’t be constrained by these questions, feel free to talk about the things that are important to you.

    Marine or other relevant qualifications or competencies

    Please list any relevant training and qualifications (tickets) that you have acquired. For example, RYA Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore or Ocean, USCG qualifications, Radio operator’s licence, First Aid, Medical, PADI. Managing an ocean-going yacht requires a very broad range of skills. If you have competencies that cover mechanical things like diesel engines, winches etc., or electrical, electronics, IT, media, sail repair, rigging or catering/victualling, we want to hear about them.

    What attracts you to becoming part of the OGR?

    Tell us why you want to undertake this challenge. What is it that motivates you to commit to weeks / months at sea living with strangers in a tightly controlled regime of work, disrupted sleep and general discomfort?

    What is it about this endeavour that sparks your imagination?

    What are you hoping to achieve from your race?

    How do you imagine the experience will influence your post-race life?

    How do your family feel and are they supportive of your ambition?

    What will define your personal success in the context of this round-the-world-race?

    What can you offer to our team and what do you think the experience will provide to you?

    Do you have the means to fund your spot on the boat?

    For a circumnavigation the cost is AUD125,000 which will entitle you to a share in the boat, will contribute to the cost of getting her race ready and completing the circumnavigation. On completion of the race, you will share in the distribution of any surplus funds including from the sale of the boat. Other costs you need to consider include shore accommodation, travel and personal insurance. We are exploring sponsorship to supplement the budget, but nothing is confirmed.

    Do you have access to resources or connections that could help fund your spot or another crewmember’s spot on the boat?

    Is there anything we didn’t we ask you that you want to share with us?

    If you want to elaborate on any of the questions you have answered in a short video or audio file, please send that with your application.

    How did you hear about Spirit of Adelaide and this opportunity?

    Are you interested in being our onboard photographer and media manager?

    If so, please send a few images and/or video as well as a short writing sample. If you have connections with media companies that may be interested in sponsoring, please submit that information here.

    Pre-Race Requirements

    As per OGR race rules, the following is a list of pre-requisites required of ALL crewmembers. By ticking each box below, you acknowledge that if selected for the crew, you are required to complete all pre-race requirements at your own expense and by a deadline we'll establish sometime in the spring of 2023. The mileage requirement aboard Outlaw can be met by joining us on a specific OGR-mile-building passage sometime in 2022 or 2023.

    Please refer to the Notice of Race that can be found on the Ocean Globe Race 2023 website for further information


    Our priority is to appoint people committed to the complete circumnavigation. However, we will consider leggers with exceptional capabilities and qualities. Please tick your preference(s) below: